1. Earth Island Journal July 10, 2017 at 4:02 pm As the name suggests, this one is geared towards fantasy and science fiction. Qualifications Poetry Foundation – $10 per line, and $150 per page of prose Remote Work There is a new service that is out called Hirewriter - they have only just started posting jobs, but maybe good to get your profile on there and start to look for writing work. Of course, you don't earn a lot as a beginner, but once you have written a few and your ratings go up, you will get more work. What is the best way to make money? Bivitus says Heidi, you could find chemistry specialist writers at Writerslabs. Life Tips – Worldwide. Needs SEO Specialists, copywriters, and editors. At the time of writing you get $100 per article. Post Remote Jobs How do I write articles to earn? Lisa Wizzley This can happen to the best of writers! The magazine may have recently published something on the topic you’ve covered, or the article simply doesn’t fit the style of the magazine. In those cases (and you can politely ask a features editor why they’ve declined to buy your piece), you can send it on to another magazine for possible publication.


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==> 7 Days to $1000 Blog Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sacpress Again this was not done to discourage the kindred spirits from taking flight to a new city. It was more to show that living comfortably in one city takes a lot more work that you may think. But if living comfortably is not that important, the next few sections are perfect for you! May 24 at 9:46 am Manage Accept Get to Know Us Free Series Either way you win—your list will be read by us and reviewed, and if it’s amazing it will appear on the front page of Listverse to be read by millions of people a month! 2012 Minterest Level 3.0: Go Premium! Seeking a freelance Copywriter to develop content relating to the financial industry. Must have five years of experience in creating engaging content. An agency background and experience in content development is needed. I figured if I worked hard, maybe in a year I would be able to make 3–400 bucks a month of passive income. Now, that is not a lot of money, but I feel like it is a realistic goal. It would also be enough to sustain me while I bum around South America with my boyfriend. Oracle Twitter: https://twitter.com/cincyparent This is the sister site of TheDailyHeckle. CollegeHumor publishes mainly comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes. If you love to write about hilarious stuff, this is the website for you. Oh! That sounds horrible and there are so many “promising” sites that should be trashed. I started out writing for a website, not quite as bad as that one, but making just a few dollars for rather long articles and no byline. The amount of time I spent researching and writing meant that I’d make a dollar or two an hour. Ha! I was young and desperate though – would never do it again ! I’m the managing editor for ArchiExpo e-Magazine now and spend part of my time researching freelance journalists. The website needs to be catchy and informative, with writing samples easy to access. I always advise my friends, who wish to get into freelance writing, to create a great website and put forward their experience. Agencies. Most companies need writers some of the time, but agencies need writers all the time. That means you don’t need to wait for them to publish a job posting — just make a list of all the agencies in your city, and tell them that you want to write for them. News stories Pay: $150 – $350 per article How 2 (1,500 – 2,000 Words): $75 I am very cautious of the content mills that you mention, but I can’t seem to find much information on which websites are definitely content mills to be avoided. The only way that I have been able to tell if it is a company to be avoided thus far is if the pay is very low, if fines for late submission are extortionate, or if answers to my questions aren’t satisfactorily answered. 59 0% of jobs $188,500 - $223,999 May 24, 2017 at 9:11 am About Freelance Writing A great freelance writing site. -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page: http://www.makealivingwriting.com/why-i-pay-writers/ Posted by Ashish Saini , 21 days ago $0.15 for previously published content 03:55 C $19,728 $29,592 $39,456 They pay up to $150 for 700 – 2,000-word posts June 11 at 10:05 am National Average Thanks a lot for this article. Very useful David. The American College of Health Care and Sciences Blog Go Nomad – $25 Email address College Dunia Web Pvt. Ltd 0-5 yrs Delhi NCR Again, I thank you all for your time and exceptional feedback... I can't imagine anybody failing at this, with such active members giving almost immediate feedback. How much will I be paid? $50 (or £40 for British writers) for 700-1,500 word length articles William says Asian Scientist Magazine is seeking full-time editors and marketers. The magazine is also seeking contributions from students, journalists, researchers and interested parties. All stories must have a focus on Asia. Send queries or completed manuscripts to the editors for consideration. Want $5 Free? Love it!  DATE  LOCATION  JOB TITLE LWN is seeking writers with expert knowledge of the free software community. Contact the editors to discuss your interests. Pay range is $200.00-$250.00 for 1500 words. Advertise Your Products Thanks for the heads up. This is my first venture into writing an article. Can you suggest a site(s) where I can be able to practice and have my “work” assessed? Rates are described as being “very good” and are negotiated after the final article is received. Authors receive credit for their work. I figured if I worked hard, maybe in a year I would be able to make 3–400 bucks a month of passive income. Now, that is not a lot of money, but I feel like it is a realistic goal. It would also be enough to sustain me while I bum around South America with my boyfriend. CSS, JavaScript, PHP I am looking for a science and technology article writer who can write about science articles and latest news articles in an enjoyable and entertaining way for the general population. A background in Technology/Biology/Health/related field and fluency in English (for example, a degree in English literature) is preferred. Students can also take this opportunity to practice and improve their writin... blogs looking for writers | online content writing sites blogs looking for writers | freelance creative writing jobs online blogs looking for writers | freelance writing career
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