Subscribe to my website, buy plr articles and get a free 2D or 3D eBook Cover Hi I have just written a short story about an old pit bull telling his life story. It’s approx 20,000 words. Any suggestions as to where I go next with this After scouring the web for a consistent figure for the average hourly wage of a freelance writer, we gave up. It varied from $20 to $30 per hour on average but there was no exact number to be found. But even at the lowest estimate, it is still almost three times higher than minimum wage, which quickly indicated that to thrive as a freelance writer you must write almost a novel’s worth of content each month! The True Meaning Behind 30 Common Things People Say 2016 The best way to stand out is by being different and adding a more personal touch. It’s not always the best writers that get gigs, it’s those who make the best pitch. Lies About Parenting That is quite enlightening and very generous of you. But you know, one big challenge is that most of these sites use paypal. As a Nigerian, how did u ethically overcome this without using underhand methods (I am assuming you are based in Nigeria). I am researching freelance writing as a long term business and source of sustainable income. You have obviously done well for yourself. People Also Searched Apply Now   I haven´t been by your for a long time, but here I am again and as always astonished by your production! Writers Write Our most well received articles are about: You can send your article to me for assessment if you like and I will be happy to direct you to the most likely sites to publish your work. I’ve already gotten a few paid gigs out of these. Thanks. August 26, 2016 at 9:42 pm Wrong. Revisit the definition. 1. Starting An Affiliate Blog If they have already published articles about an specific topic, You can also write about that topic. 4 With Medium, users are able to read up to 5 articles per month. If readers want to enjoy any content past that limit, they must become a Medium member for the price of $5/month. You also get $100 for coming first in the Photoshop competitions of which I think they run two a week. Past 30 days: Hi, We are looking for someone who can write interesting and captivating articles on programmable STEM robotic toys that are used for fun and educational purposes. It would be an advantage to have blogging experience in tech, education, robotics, STEM or coding. The blog articles would need to be 10 If you are in the HR business, you can make $200 per article here. social media marketing Theodore Nwangene Books and Writing | News and Resources Promote your profiles on Facebook/Twitter to get your name out there... Tram Tran says: Posted by Human Resource , 19 days ago 72. USDF Connection – $40 to $400 per post They pay money for writing comments. You will need to read the instructions and follow them carefully. But once you do, you can earn a little bit of money by writing comments online. Content Editor Fairfax, VA Full-time $15-17/hr + Benefits (Salary Opportunity!) Why You Want to Work Here: You will have the chance to work directly under the Vice President of Operations and oversee ... Game design developments 05:01 I've always loved writing. Even though B2B Copyrighting is different, it's still persuasive. Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas – Austin, TX 00:34 See results  Designer / Writer Jobs Plesk University 6 Ridiculously Dramatic Commercials For Totally Normal Stuff Nice list Oni! Renewable/Green Energy We have published a lot of posts on how to write articles, we find that as long as we follow this step by step blueprint, it’s easy to create amazing blog posts. PART-TIME JOBS -Pay:  $50 for 200-1000 words SQL Server Central accepts articles on any SQL topic; length is not specified, but you should cover your topic in depth and with clarity. Pay is $50.00 per article, with regular contributors sometimes being paid a higher rate.

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Please,send to me sites that pay and welcome African culture,tradition,marriage,parenting etc.Thanks July 10, 2018 at 4:46 am How to write great content for your website With regards to blog writing, you can charge anywhere'll be able to charge more for maintaining a whole blog, including adding photos and other media to the post. Filed Under: Company Lists, Writing Happy Birthday, Badass - August 11 Resource sheets that you can reference anytime througout the journey of your tech writing career. Free SSL Certificate Content Writer at Pune Join our mailing list to receive the blog updates and other news from our team. Complete 1st Draft How to Land the Gig: These major influencers don’t just want to hire speechwriters—they want to hire excellent speechwriters. The best way to do that is through research. An example Pitch In that vein, this is the ultimate list of blogs that pay writers for guest posts.  In many cases you get an author bio or an author page, and sometimes you get to put links in it, which go to your own website or social media pages. Hello, I stumbled onto this site and have to say it has truly captured my interest. I am new to freelance writing and just reading some of the comments above has sparked my writing desires. I love how everyone pulled together for their fellow writers. Who hasn’t it the submit button without a quick check. I know I have. This is a great website for my article writing needs. September 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm Some friends of mine like Tom Kuegler and Niklas Goeke are making substantially more than I am through writing many members-only posts per month. Study those guys and see what they do. I promise you, they know what they’re doing. If you’re worried that you don’t have enough experience or lack the right credentials to get a freelance writing job on UpWork, don’t be. I had zero paid writing experience and zero credentials when I got started on their site, yet I was still able to land paying gigs as a total beginner, and increase my rates fast. Read about about my recipe for UpWork success in my best-selling book, Turn Your Computer Into a Money Machine. (I know, the title is rather bold, but I literally felt like I’d turned mine into a money machine after finding success with my methods, and the tactics I wrote about are still relevant today.) Anyhow, give it a read if you’d like to know how I did it. Game announcements Start typing and press Enter to search -Pay: $50, and $75- $100 for longer, assigned posts PSDFan accepts content from various authors on the following types of subjects: WRITING, PR & MARKETING The Content Marketing Handbook $5000 Grants for Writers & Artists with Children: Applications Open until 31 August Writers get paid every other week, in US dollars by PayPal. Schedule a Chat with an Expert Learn crafty tips and tricks to make your time online smooth. Our directory is useful for internet newbies, as well as aspiring website builders. Writing Organizations forum posting Money Crashers is a personal finance site that is looking for writers who wish to write about money management, retirement planning, estate planning, investing, tax preparation, credit and debt, real estate, mortgages, frugal living and lifestyle. If you are comfortable visiting sites like, and, fill out the application form. -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page: This seems a great list. I searched for many but never came through these. Great article! Interior Design Pays: $100 per article Careers in writing August 15, 2016 at 5:01 pm Would you wear this? How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make $100,000 With Google AdSense Website Ideas To ,make money online, You don't need to be an expert, You just need to learn some new skills and share your knowledge with others. Filter by Categories They have a content marketplace where you can list pre-written content for sale or you can browse public writing jobs and apply for the ones that fit your budget and availability. Call Center Jobs Place a Job Ad —$150 to $350 for 500 to 2,000 word manuscripts. Martha says: freelance artist | good content writing freelance artist | paid writing jobs from home freelance artist | writing articles online for money
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