The Penny Hoarder Start-ups. You can also get in touch with start-ups. Follow the news feeds of incubators and venture capitalists to see who they’ve just funded — these are companies that have some cash to spend. They’re often in the perfect position to outsource the writing work that they’ve been doing themselves until now. 15. AARP – Pay unknown (maybe $1 per word) 2.    They can stick to deadlines. 88. Pastel Journal – up to $600 per post Love that it was so tidily packaged in one post. I have written books, write online, have written for TV, and would love to write for print (yes, I know newspapers are dying dinosaurs) and magazines (magazines are struggling too). Hope that helps, and again I apologize for the delay! Read: Over 121 Websites For Anyone And Everyone To Make Money Online 99 Cent Domains How to Make Money in a Bear Market Check out the full directory. Home > Make Money > Side Gigs Hi Diane, Have you thought about starting a review blog? You guessed it: a blog for knitters. It’s going to be hard to fake this one, so knitters, take note! This is your exclusive domain! Be warned: they want you to describe a pattern… as in a knitting tutorial. Other things you can write about would include strange types of knitting cultures and knitting history. An independent, multi-award winning magazine and website sharing expert articles for and by people who are passionate about travel. They consider interesting blogs, inspirational round-ups, guides and advice pieces. I want to write content based articles for a decent price like 5 to 10 dollars per article. Any advice? Copy writers write advertising copy for use by publication or broadcast media to promote sale of goods and services. 95. Payment: $250 to $500 per tutorial 48. The Penny Hoarder How To Apply * They are looking for business related articles written by experts sharing real-world experience. For example, time, profit or marketing “hacks” that can help increase income, impact or influence. How I made $200 after rooting my Android device? Lol…thanks so much for bringing that to my notice. Now fixed! 🙂 This pie chart will show how your time must be broken down between the different levels. Jane says GIT Hi Nichola, afsane says Photography Tools 19. AppStorm ###small Your name here Atulyakirti Vyas says If you are a news junky and can write satirical and spoof news stories that can make people laugh, this site is for you. Hi Martha, I’m not going to add to the already copious reproof you have received; however, may I add some insights regarding how to graciously impart criticism? There’s a time and place to blow the whistle on a foul, but usually it is best to do in response to slander, not innocent inquiry. Karen, Thanks for your comment. It costs you nothing to write an article and submit it to one of the many sites that pay you for your work. I have listed 10 good places to start here. Martha, I agree with error-free writing and the prevalence of too many errors in writing today. But surely you don’t believe that approach will bring you business. We’re Hiring! BTW, youse guys–usage ought to be correct in narrative, but the dialogue absolutely cannot be perfect. The characters don’t sound like real people. They sound AS IF manufactured twits. NOBODY speaks in perfect English. Even me. (See? What’d I tell you?) Some sites pay for ad clicks as well (like HubPages). Do you think it’s worth the time, or not? I’ve been doing some research, and I found many people who claimed to have earned $300~$900 as ‘passive’ income through such sites. I have a brand marketing presentation that I am working on and need some copy to describe each page – approximately 7 pages in total at this point but it is organic and may have additional pages – project deadline for completion is Friday, July 27th so will need someone who can work back and forth – preferably in the eastern time zone. 140 Websites that pay writers ($50+ per article) This Site All Program Activities Glossary You are paid up to $300 per accepted article. 7. Boys’ Life There are a million ways to create and maintain professional relationships: social media, writer’s conferences, organizations and local groups, workshops and college courses. Belly Gym for Working Women – Entirely focused on one aspect of fitness and health, say, Daily exercise tips for working women that help maintain a figure. Content Rewriting Monthly Job for Blogspot 6 days left Vinee says: MangoFly Media is an up-and-coming website with all of the hottest and latest entertainment news and reviews. Currently, our website is down while the dev-team makes some final touches. Views:  Consultant Jobs In Hyderabad Secunderabad Elance Jobs In Hyderabad Secunderabad Game Design Twitter: 9% of jobs $117,500 - $152,999 Technical knowledge; regards Standard pay is $250 per story. Cheers, Gordon Facebook: Payment: $100/article 2,00,000 - 3,50,000 P.A. Cab+esic+pf 5. ShoutMeLoud I have around 7 years of experience in IT currently a stay at home mom with two naughty boys.. I love to write and earn a living.. what would be the best site for me to start with Copywriting Alexa Rank: 8,707 You can earn a lot and it’s nice seeing the pennies stack up, but there are many rumors of the site not paying its users. I’ve had a similar experience: I requested a payment once, didn’t get it, and haven’t written for BubbleWS since. However some people have been paid by Bubblews. Keen? Sign up here. Gothamist The Mix Oct 17, 2016 @ 08:15:39 Ankit says Kristina Wagner on Unsplash I’m glad I could help 🙂 Wow!Thanks for sharing these bunch of website links. “So, I go to sites like Elance and spend a few hours looking through the ads, and I apply to the ones that will pay me at least $5 per article. Show more... (12) Posted by HR , 52 days ago As an experiment, I paid my five bucks and then joined the Medium partner program. I figured I had nothing to lose besides my day’s cheese allowance. If you are an expert at anything to do with: Creating awesome websites, driving traffic, social media or making money online, we would love you to write for us.

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Job Description Do you like learning new things about the world around you? Are you a curious person who likes to focus on details? Have you heard of ... 22. Make Tech Easier Put in your funny article and hit “submit.” Poetry Foundation – $10 per line, and $150 per page of prose illustration. Edit and proofread content written by other colleagues or freelancewriters. Write appeals on behalf of senior administrators, including… Location: Evanston, Illinois Job Summary: The senior writer focuses on direct response fundraising campaigns via mail and… 60. RankPay Flywheel – Up to $150 Blogging for Profit Advertise on Of course, more achievable doesn’t mean easy. If you have visions of publishing one book and retiring on the profits, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Kathie says: VQR is a journal of literature and discussion with a focus on publishing the best writing they can find. Needs a Freelance Writer to Research and Write Product Buying Guides (EXPIRED) Chrome Very nice and informative site. Thanks. We Work Remotely Copyright © 2018 • Terms • Privacy I am also new here. $10 Hourly Feb 27 April 21, 2015 at 3:03 pm tammymarie38 6 years ago Click here sign up for payoneer Master Card and earn $25 Journalism Jobs There is a limit of 2000 words on feature-length articles. My max blogs or stories are about relationships and politics. The Problogger jobs board is one of the best job boards online for bloggers. My favourite thing about this board is the frequency with which it’s updated. With the Problogger jobs board, you should expect an average of a job a day. SmartBrief – Washington, DC They accept anything WordPress related. Surprisingly, good journalism is not just about fine writing skills. We're on the lookout for a freelance writer who is interested in all topics car-related and want to get their name out in the online publishing world. It's an exciting time to join our editorial team ... Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’m sadia and please suggest me any job . 4. When do I get paid for articles? how can i make money | how to make easy money how can i make money | paid to take surveys how can i make money | entry level freelance writing jobs
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