It’s this easy: Problogger September 10, 2016 at 4:04 am C0llege Humor – This is a comedy site. You pitch them articles and the editors will help you craft something that suits their liking. They pay between $35 and $50 per article. January 28, 2017 at 12:39 am types of writings However, if you want to kick things up a notch then keep on reading. June 23, 2016 at 3:04 pm Help us improve our services by providing analytical data If you’d like to read about how I got my first freelance writing gig you can check out this detailed post for more valuable takeaways on starting your side hustle. MCA Hi, I'm Holly. I help women and moms find remote jobs, careers, and home-based businesses that feed their souls. If you're looking to work from home, this is the blog for you. Job Description: Minimum 1 year experience to maximum 3 years exp in core Content Writing/ Content Editing profile/ ... So many interesting information, thanks. I also would like to recommend another source I often write to this site. If it’s interesting for somebody, you can visit a site or write me for more information. 5.0 out of 5 starsA Great Description of the Freelance Writing Environment For the photographers among you, they also pay for pictures – anywhere from $50 to $300 per photo. horror stories Topics: Money, Food, Home & Auto, Lifestyle, Family, etc. September 13, 2015 at 11:49 pm Description: Publication for intelligent women that seek to live “examined lives”. They accept full-length feature articles and shorter pieces and poetry as well. AJAX Flash JavaScript PHP Pass a probation period of 5 paid works Hi Venkatesh, David, I like writing about philosophy, time travel, all that stuff related to human existence, how human were created, who created us. If God created us were did they go, were they people from another solar system, another Galaxy, witches, superstition, ghost, spirit, life after death, metaphysics, the beauty of nature. I write about how I feel when the cold wind passes by me touching every part of me, and the moon struggling hard to shine as bright as she can despite of the dark cloud making all their effort to cover the moon. The sun, the running river, etc, etc. All this stuff which people don’t talk much about. All my writing are only thoughts that run through my mind. I don’t have strong evidence to prove my thoughts and that’s what make me not to publish my articles. I try searching for the niche familiar to my writing’s. But I find none. Alaska Parent likes stories about being a parent, plus local interest pieces that would be of interest to Alaska parents, seasonal pieces, travel, and how-to articles for families. The take three types of articles: feature stories (800-1200 words), short feature stories ( 500-800 words) and tips (150-600 words). If you like writing about health and bettering your lifestyle then Healthy Living is a good option for you. Best of all, they’ll respond within six days of you submitting your story so you aren’t left in the dark and waiting forever. Wow Women – This site specializes in content aimed at women readers, written by women. You have to send in a query letter about  any article ideas you have before submitting,  and they pay between $50 and $80 dollars. —$200 each for the annual Top Five Poems of the Week. Lists are always a good one (as this post proves!) $34k-$57k  (Glassdoor Est.) Alexa Rank: 3,674 notcy says Join Now Best wishes man Listverse is 1800 words, not 1500. Rane Chin says Tony mathew says We are looking for writers available for a minimum of one day/week. We have as much work as you can handle. We don’t micromanage. Payment: US$50-75 p/tutorial published I can't guarantee that you will get a job, but everything I share in this program is exactly what I've successfully used over the past 5 years to land really cool tech writing opportunities including my current contract with Google. I love writing and I am from Nigeria. Thank you for this great help. By: Marc D. Allan | March 27, 2012 | Comments 12 18th February 2018 at 4:07 am Regards Good luck, Most of the businesses listed here contract with people based on a writing sample, rather than a resume and most use independent contractors, rather than employees, so the flow of work isn't always predictable. These are good places for the talented beginner to build some credibility and accumulate a body of work to show to more selective publishers. Also, these outlets can help writers build a social media following, which is essential to a successful writing career in the long run. Social Media Marketing Productivity Blogging, Marketing, and Passive Income Stephan Designations 107. The Graphic Design School Blog Expeditions pieces: $850 to $1,000 plus $75 per picture published. A Fine Parent – $50 How It Works Tools We Recommend How did you manage to gain success? Our articles are often 1000+ words, generally around 2,000 words. Some articles are beyond 10,000 words. Oct 17, 2016 @ 08:15:39 Topics: Tech marketing. and more. Yes! May 22, 2017 at 8:06 pm Business & Finance Such a helpful guide! Affiliates April 28, 2017 at 3:22 am How’s things?, sometimes I get a 400 server error when I browse your webpage. I thought you may wish to know, best wishes

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And whether you will win these projects or not will depend on many factors such as your bid price, your skills (as shown in your samples), the number of projects you have handled successfully (a disadvantage for newbies), nationality, and so on. However, once you start winning projects, chances are that you will keep winning more of them. Alternatively, you can set up your article writing gigs on sites like Fiverr, where you get paid a specific price for each article you write for clients. Email address How to generate an Invoice to get paid? I was profoundly frustrated — I was spending hundreds of hours writing hundreds of posts that got virtually 0 views, 0 followers, and made just enough to buy a Ring Pop every once in a while. If none of them feels like an exact fit, don’t worry, that’s normal. Pick whichever one’s the closest and try it on for size. Any discomfort is just the price of getting real. @bamidele Thanks for listing these websites which are helping writers to make their living. These websites are not just good source of income but means a lot to get a post published helping contributors to get a link back to their sites. 76. Certainly a useful list here for anyone who is trying to earn a side income by writing. Yes, they do require a strong command in the English language. ... from ideation to campaign flight. Youll be able to see your work immediately turn into live ... home, workplace, or over drinks in the bar. This sets us apart from apps, textbooks, and other ... ​ Add our group to your LinkedIn profile to get postings on LinkedIn. Feel free to start a discussion or two. free business training says 4.2 Make More Money We are thinking of trying out No 5. Pat Flynn’s link will be useful When you have awesome writers, it is easy to spread wisdom. Take a look at some of our recent posts on various internet and website related topics. Eben says By submitting an article to Listverse, you declare that your writing is an original one and has not been featured anywhere before. Humour can be a part of your writing, provided is gentle and witty. The article should have an introductory as well as a concluding paragraph, else there is a chance of getting rejected. OWJ Writer Panel This is a site for women and women’s issues, and they accept pitches. Pay is unpublished, but you discuss it as part of your pitch. They are very up front in telling would-be authors that they are not interested in poetry about bad breakups, being young & disgruntled, or blood. get paid to write papers | ways to earn money get paid to write papers | best article writing sites get paid to write papers | article writing jobs in newspaper
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