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so, yea… i’m just asking for your opinion. what do you think of my situation? do you know anyone who made it with the similar case? do you think there’s a real chance for me to become a freelance writer? and what steps do you think i can take to pave the way? or do you think i should concentrate on something more real, till there’s time left. ( because i’m 26 and i need to leave my parents house already!!!)
Get my planner I know that pays for blog posts on a range of subjects.
Hey Natasha! Mobile app Yep … if you want to get master-level rates, you need to offer master-level value.
Human Proof Designs offers very low rates and so you can get a lot of content without spending all that much money.  I’ve used them for nearly one year.  Another perk is HPD will format all content in the backend of your site so all you need to do is click publish.
5. FlexJobs Fascinating read…thanks for the wealth of information here! I want to blog about, what else, my travels 😉 and plan them city-wise. seems the best option to start with till I see myself going somewhere with this. A quick question to start: does it have a limit on the number of photos per page? some cities would need 20-25 photos for my topic. Thanks

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If you check my homepage –, then you’ll see that I’m suggesting people to use WordPress. It’s pretty cheap, too.
May 18, 2017 at 1:52 am You’re welcome! Glad you found some great tips for freelance writing in 2018! Published on January 29, 2014
You aren’t kidding! When I was offered $3 for a 1,000 word bio I started to feel that perhaps writing wouldn’t work out. Now I see that I was just looking in the wrong places! Enter your email below and get the Ultimate Pitching Checklist. The checklist highlights 18 tips, strategies, and mistakes you need to know to knock your pitches out of the park.
Vocal rewards its users on a per-view basis – the more views your posts receive, the more you are rewarded.
Great list of high paying blog sites! I recently wrote for Rock Solid Finance and wanted to let you know that it now pays $25 per accepted post, not $50. Also, I found a few more blog sites that pay out $50/post:
What? Why did I tell you earlier to guest post for free when you can get paid to guest post?
Freelancer – Another big job board that covers everything from writing to app design, but specifically geared towards freelancers.
I have listed 22 websites that pay writers, It’s time to Make Money Writing Articles For Websites. There are many other websites that pay their writers. If you are writing for any website, which pays writers. Share with other readers and add your comments below.
Everything you need to know to write compelling blog posts. Do you wish your boss would fire you? Well then, this book is for you. Download it now.
2. Affiliate Marketing I am a homemaker,currently i do surveys online and earn 2 to 3000 per month. I am looking for some better options to earn more will you please guide me.
Hosting included? Yes, Blogger takes care of hosting your blog for no additional payment. November 10, 2013 at 1:52 pm In your final tip, you talk about how you are known for your well-researched pieces. It would be great if you could give some insight into how you generally conduct research before you write. (No pressure, but I’d find it useful.)
But, don’t feel like you need to do that. It looks great on resumes, but it’s not a necessity. Yeah. I actually included them because you can submit your content online.
Volume: With a large pool of content writers, they can produce a ton of content quickly. you’d like to become a writer for Pagely and believe you’d be a solid asset to our stable of freelance authors, please apply by… help our customers be more successful. We’re seeking gifted writers who are: passionate about their craft can adhere to…
D6) Education and Tutoring The Motley Fool is a finance website aimed at people interested in investing. If you can deliver detailed investing tips that the Fool’s staff feel are worth syndicating, they’ll be happy to pay you. Read more details here.
Thanks, Charlie! For sure give some cold pitching a try, you’ll get a lot more clients that way!
Uxbooth: $100 Create your own blog. Maintaining your own personal blog will help you gain experience in the blogging field in two ways. Eventually, you’ll amass a portfolio of writing pieces that you can then show off to prospective clientele. You’ll also increase your own web presence, which is an absolute necessity if you ever hope to network your way into a paid blogging gig.[1]
Did you used to horseback ride, and this is for a riding school? Clue them in. You nursed a friend through cancer and this is for a healthcare portal? Be sure to share that. Sir, I Want suggestions for writing article. First of all I want to ask you that I could write articles on my behalf or suggested by authors. I want to ask u that I have many subjects on writing about god, soul and about the cause of birth of a man in side the world………………………. suggest me pls sir
This is a good opportunity to expand your client and customer base as a freelancer. You can even decide to get into new subject areas to write about. Whether you have an interest to get an academic writing job, write a book, or get more experience editing and proofreading, it is all right here ready to be explored, researched and written. This is a Indian site. HowlRound pays $50 for blog posts about the theater — management and marketing, play production and writing, and so on. Note: This market asked to be removed because they were receiving pitches that were not well targeted. Target your pitches so we can keep providing these lists.
Medium has grown in popularity a lot during the last couple of years (more than a million people have joined Medium). In short, it’s a community of writers and bloggers, all using the same looking site design to share their opinions and stories on various topics.
Length: 165 pages Word Wise: Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled maawiya husein mohamed says
Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. There’s no limit to the types of income streams you can set up for your blog. The key is to get started as quickly as you can, instead of waiting until you’ve got everything “perfect.” If you wait until you’re totally ready, you’ll never get started.
September 4, 2017 at 10:34 pm You don’t have to be a techie and you don’t have to hire an expensive designer. Use WordPress and your time. Look at the sites of other freelancers and take your lead from them. You want to showcase your talent, of course, but you are also setting up a business here.
Best microblogging platform on the market May 25, 2016 at 1:24 pm LATEST BLUEHOST DEAL – $2.95 P/M + FREE DOMAIN
304 words What do you think? Things haven’t changed since I did the above analysis, and I doubt it will be changing anytime soon. Craigslist Good luck and let us know how you go.
WOW! is a global magazine, designed to support women’s creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process.
Senior Vice President for Marketing and Brand Management I can’t write fiction. The New Yorker would laugh in my face. Never wrote for a single “real” magazine. Book-length scares the hell out of me. And I feel like the biggest fraud and hack in the world when I send these articles to someone who can actually write and has actually been published in The New Yorker.
-Pay: $600 for 2500 to 4000 words (cover features) $120 to $240 for news stories Hello Ruth,
 #5. WorldStart Columnists TOP 10 mohit rajwani says: 4. It’s actually the worst way to go about this: If it makes business sense to you, I’d probably have kept quiet.
June 10, 2014 at 8:34 am 131 Description: The title says it all. Submit your Photoshop design tutorials here and get paid to blog!
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