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Sheila says Thanks for stopping by, Melissa. And best of luck! September 14, 2015 at 10:43 am How to start
Thanks for the tweet Joe, you rock! Alternatively, you can also search on LinkedIn or even Google for “marketing manager [company name].” By reading people’s profiles you can often get a sense of their role from their job descriptions and whether they seem likely to hire freelance writers.
Catch Co. Chicago, IL This is a magazine founded in 1973 geared towards dressage, hunters and jumpers, eventing, foxhunting, and steeplechase racing.
1) Domain Names Work Productivity I prefer elance to find freelancing job for writing articles. Works good but not that much profitable. And yes, I think you could absolutely combine some of these approaches. The content marketer and the copywriter would be a natural pairing for instance.
21 days ago 21d Snipsly – This company is looking for just about any kind of content you can think of. You basically join up and start posting whatever you want. You’ll need to sign up for a Google Adsense account, so you can link it to your pages. You get paid based on adclicks your articles generate.
Reseller Program agile development Native English speaker with strong writing skills. We can make an exception on this if you have English Proficiency qualification.
You can also make a real connection with one of the authors or editors of the blog (via email or social media) in a genuine way so that you can eventually pitch them in a friendly way. Thanks for the list! Always looking for places I can contribute when I am looking to network.
There are many different ways to make money writing online from copywriting to technical writing to SEO article writing. Moving the Dial with Curated Content | Search Engine Journal
Comments? editing, proof reading, quality check, content editing, content editor… October 9, 2012
Ecopreneurist is looking for writers who can contribute posts on green topics four or five times per month. If you have experience with any of the following topics, they want to hear from you:
Posted by Bhavna Munjewar , 24 days ago Shared Hosting Plans — Premium Walk-in Drive for MNC (0 to 3 Years) Content Writer Profile @ Gurgaon In this video, You will learn how to write, format and publish an article at
Get Paid to Write Articles: 10 Magazines That Pay $500 or More Facebook: Refine Results Job Description: Experts should be able to complete 2500 words in a day and 65000 words in a month. ;She/He should have …
The 4 Best Ways to Earn Income Writing in 2018 (and the 3 Worst) Health Freelance Long Form Content Writer
I.G.Pradeep says: Your name and email will always be kept private, and you can always unsubscribe at anytime! How to update your resume, LinkedIn, and other job search profiles.
Rageki says: Read the guidelines thoroughly and follow directions to a T October 29, 2014 at 9:48 am The Write Life | @thewritelife They especially like articles written based on your own personal experience.
14. Marketing will never get any easier than asking people who already know and like you to keep an ear out for you. Often, editors will say, “I have something.” You can’t just start a blog, slap on a Hire Me page and call yourself a freelance writer.
October 10, 2011 at 12:02 PM Web Designing Zen Content  – Home based writers can be hired by this company and be paid from $8 to $15 for each article. Project payments are made on a weekly basis.
The Write Life pays for some posts — you’ll need to negotiate your rate. $0.00 kindle unlimited logo Movies and TV
They pay $50 to $100 per article. Filed Under: Copywriting, Freelance Writing
Your blog is awesome 😀 Free With Prime Prime Video Direct I don’t know . . . do you guys have a tracking bug on my laptop or something?
Guest (William O Bill Jordan CLU) – October 6, 2017 at 5:23 pm  DATE  LOCATION  JOB TITLE
Students Also Bought These Courses best writing apps for mac Thank you! This is very helpful information.. 🙂
Your Business If you know a thing or two about personal finance, you may want to earn money by writing articles for EPF. Topics of interest to their readership include credit cards, business, identity theft, loans, credit reports, and saving money – they pay $100 per article.
This is published by the United States Dressage Federation. i want to earn money by writing articles, but i don,t know the procedure of it. Odesk says
English Edible Seattle The Barefoot Writer opens the door to the world of paid writing opportunities. is Seeking Freelance Writers to Craft Blog Posts for Clients (EXPIRED)
Learn more about their submission guidelines here. Brands & Values -Pay: $50 – $75 for requested articles, $100 – $150 for interviews, $150 – $200 for articles on earning an income with valuable advice
Alexa Rank: 36,148 How can you find money by internet in Germany? BTW, youse guys–usage ought to be correct in narrative, but the dialogue absolutely cannot be perfect. The characters don’t sound like real people. They sound AS IF manufactured twits. NOBODY speaks in perfect English. Even me. (See? What’d I tell you?)
Really helpful post for writing gigs, but don’t you think it’s better to search for blogs directly to write for? Not search for writing gigs on freelance boards, but blogs you would be really excited to work for?
Granted, freelance writing is in high demand, has a low barrier to entry and is suitable as a side gig for students or 9-to-5 workers. But, becoming a successful freelance writer and making good money involves lots of work and some lean times before you achieve a good income. Here are six strategies you can use that will build your business steadily.
3. Urologists Median salary: $82,760 One question to you . As someone who has had that kind of success on Kindle, it’s definitely doable. But I’ve seen a few platform changes that have changed the playing field dramatically.
You can also pitch a shorter story for one of its departments, which pay $150 to $350 based on the length and complexity of the work. 2 Replies
Load More Job Results Vox First Person reportedly pays in the $400 range for personal essays of about 1,500 words. Pitch HTML Character Codes Not a bad way to make a living, right?
Patty says a sense of humor. See more Copywriting jobs → How Much Should Freelance Writers Charge Per Word? Job Description: We are hiring experts from Science and Mathematics background with hands on experience in …
Reader Interactions This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.
With a circulation of 60,000, The Artist’s Magazine is one of the biggest publications focus on art exclusively. 1980 Lunenburg Rd.
5 Major Types of Freelance Writing Jobs (And How To Get Them) 6. March 15, 2017 at 4:22 am Martha, May I suggest the next time you correct anyone’s grammar, to do it with a little finesse, and to not be so tactful in your opinions of the educational system . Although I do not agree with your views, I could not very well disagree with them either.
Payment: $50 per post (I did not mean this thing to turn out to be some abridged story of my life, but as the next revelation that I am about to parenthetically reveal is somewhat imperative, I feel I must, if only as a means to create an understanding of me, my works and, most especially, my STYLE and TECHNIQUE as a writer, share the following bit of semi-personal data with you: Namely, that I am an avid reader in general and in particular of the greatest Anglo-American/European/Russian/Near-Eastern/Mediterranean writers of all manner of prose of the past several millennia, but with an especial focus on the greatest writers of the 1700’s-1960’s: and before and beyond: and it is them and their monumental and intellectually-stimulating, descriptive, sublime works that inform all my writing….therefore, that’s why I’ve elected to write in the way in which I’ve done here….not to impress, except by diffusion and osmosis, but rather because it is just the general, natural way I always have of speaking and, most especially, writing. Thank you bearing with me through this difficult digression….which, if I was going to submit and publish this essay-length comment, I think that would make an excellent title for it! lol)
October 28, 2013 at 11:43 am I found this list on pinterest and continue to refer back to it for fresh ideas! Thanks so much! Health Freelance Long Form Content Writer
Cloud Hosting Because I do SEO for clients every single day I struggled through the same issue. I needed a good list that I could work from. I spent many many hours putting together an extensive list of blogs that accept guest posts in pretty much every category.
Amanda says   Payments issued every day, directly to your PayPal account After reading few articles and watching few youtube videos, You will be able write an original, good quality article.
Writer I’d recommend investing time and effort into understanding what people want and buy books on, as well as what’s already out there – so following the same principles of content creation that Jon Morrow (and you, and the whole team) writes about.
Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. My first article was a review article about Ghost blogging platform and I was paid $50 for my review article. You can read my first article here
If you know any other reliable blog that’s paying freelance/guest bloggers for contributing content or is facing a problem with any of the above mentioned website — whether it’s slow response time or low acceptance rate — then do share your experience as a comment below. I only want the best of the best to remain in this list.

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Brittany says: Greetings Onibalusi, Query Letter in 14 Days Arise WORK FROM HOME Teleclass II What that means is anybody’s guess. it might be good for the user-experience but it’s nigh useless if you were looking for a reading experience. Nevertheless, they offer you money to join them in the art of gibberish.
Remote Writing Jobs “… getting $5 for 800 words is a slap in the face to the profession.” totally agree! Pros deserve more than that. I got an invitation from to ask me share something with their audience and they’ll pay me by visitors. I’m considering. This could be a good deal, lol!
“OK, so I search around online and keep my eyes open in the real world for trade magazines I might be able to pitch, since that’s the market I like to write for. I write for the banking and credit union industry, so another thing I do is when I go to a bank or do any banking online, I ask the person working with me what industry trades they read.
Indeni pays $50-$200 for posts that cover Check Point firewalls, F5 load balancers or Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
5.0 out of 5 starsLots of Great Information Get all the details to start writing for Cosmopolitan here.
However, the traffic you can generate by writing on Medium is immense.
• Flexible work hours, work when you want to -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
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    Join websites that advertise freelance writing jobs. Most freelance jobs are advertised on the internet. Keep an eye on these websites for leads and potential jobs.[5]
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