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Thanks oni.. Thats a great option to make money while building brand and links Work Remotely Thanks Vidya! I’m really glad you’ll be sharing the article 🙂
In this article, I’ll be listing 30 unique websites and blogs that pay people to write for them. I haven’t tried all the websites on this list, but I ensured that I did my due research by filtering through lots of websites and by going through feedback from other freelance writers to ensure this article is as accurate as possible.
March 8, 2015 For each accepted bird related article or photo-essay, you are paid $400. Post a Job (Employers)$100 per list article
The International Nurses Association Secrets to using career websites so that recruiters find you
Posted by Sadhana , 8 days ago The other reason this post is so useful is that it’s always good to not put all your eggs in one basket. In other words – as a writer, expand your business so you’re not always dependent on clients – or one kind of client. Teaching Sells is such a great resource for gaining more control over how you can use your writing skills to bring in income and diversify your income.

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Great information. God bless you! 3. smashingmagazine This Brilliant Grandma Shows Us How She Got her Family into Disney World for Free
Posted by Rekha Rajput , 18 days ago Almost all my first jobs were ghostwriting for established bloggers.
If that is not easy enough, they have a library of over 1000 titles so you can take your pick from there. Say you are some sort of DIY guy, you probably can write an article on how to do things, detailing every step and process along the way.
international process, non voice, back office, medical insurance… How to Find a Juicy Writing Idea When Your Creative Well Has Run Dry
OWJ Writer Panel Script Writing Thank you for the great articles. You did a great job putting them together. They’re looking for adult learners who are interested in writing about social justice issues. The pay is $50 per article, so not half bad at all considering the fact that their minimum word count is only 200 words.
Share this: But you’ll notice that every one of these will benefit from a strong professional network. Allow me to suggest the Copyblogger LinkedIn Discussion group? You’ll find like-minded professionals, smart freelancers like yourself, and maybe even a potential client or two.
Popcorn Sale No Experience Necessary Interviews with experts 1. DigitalOcean up to $200 per article 8 Lectures 19:09
We are mobile! Posted , 17 days ago Guide: Finding a Remote Job
Niche: Making money and saving money. Branding content for a website 6 days left VERIFIED
The one thing I didn’t see on here was advertise. Did I miss it by reading too fast? I post ads on Craig’s List and have gotten plenty of work through them for editing, book ghost writing, and blogging for businesses.
The Sun Magazine – $100 – $200 autism research paper Can anyone elaborate on fiverr gigs? i’ve read about them a lot and was thinking of posting one for article writing myself. Can you really earn money long term with article writing on that site?
This is a fantastic resource! So many blogs discuss guest posting, but most bloggers have no idea of how to get instant money for writing. Thank you, and I’m also curious as to which ones you use.
I have been freelance writing since August and have a lot of education background in science, graphic design and political science. I found some academic writing sites that pay very well for writers with a higher education.
Payment is done twice monthly through PayPal for work approved by them. Action For India |Freelance|International Very informative. Thank you for sharing.
Let your professional contacts know of your availability to write. This can be done with in-person contacts, as well as online contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media accounts you maintain. Attending local networking events is a good way to make new professional connections.
Ellie says Become an Instructor Clare Speer says by Sam Warren Daily Updates CREATIVE WRITING This guide is going to teach you the exact strategy you need to make money writing articles online. Working online allows you to support your travels and stay on the road for as long as you want.
Religion -Links allowed in Author Page/Byline: Yes, several! Luckily, there’s an easier way to support your travels.
Devozine is a bi-monthly magazine for young people. Each issue includes devotional writings that are designed to bring the reader closer to God. Pay is $25.00 for weekday meditations, and specific themes are posted on the magazine’s website. You can also submit a pitch for a feature article, which is paid at the rate of $100.00.
A lot of writers are wisely expanding into other mediums — video and vlogging are becoming more popular than ever. FWJ consolidate writing job posts from Craigslist boards all across the country, allowing you to locate writing gigs you might never see if you were only browsing your local board. Definitely worth a look.
Where can I earn money writing articles in India? 01/26/2018
April 19, 2016 at 2:05 pm Tell Your Friends Today!
You say there has been a decline in the schools teaching proper English since the 60’s, however did you ever stop to think that it is not a decline but an evolution? We doth not speak as Shakespeare, because we evolved past the Elizabethan era of grammar and mechanics of writing. We are now going through another evolution which can be seen by newer publications that will publish, what you would deem to be, deplorable example of English writing. As a mother of four kids that are going through school with the new “common core” method, I have realized that with the decrease in face to face and increase with technology use, the way things used to be done are changing. English is now about writing how you would speak, if you would pause in the middle of a sentence, add a comma. I do not necessarily agree with the new method, but I do however understand where they are coming from in wanting to add more personality to writing as voice to voice contact is less and less. I do implore you to do some research about what is happening in the field you both have so much passion for and not sling insults at people as all that does is belittle your words as hateful and mean instead of being beautiful and powerful.
Nicole Dieker is a freelance copywriter and essayist. She’s also a regular contributor to The Write Life, a website for writers that recently launched a new ebook, 71 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer.
One thing is sure in today’s era if someone have talent inside himself then no one can stop him to achieve success but often all things are not prove in our favor but we shouldn’t take it in negative way and we should have enough believe in ourself and after some times you will see these kind of sources which all mentioned in this article will open for you in market for prove your talent.
Text-to-Speech: Enabled Sign Up About the Author: Linda Formichelli Nov 14, 2016 @ 22:38:16 Freelance writing is a career that has been around for decades. And, much like the media landscape, it will continue to shift and change as technologies evolve and new opportunities arise.
Start Here Tip: Enter a location A fancy spot on the Plesk blog for the world to see
Companies You Get Paid leny, I got frustrated with your sales program. I unsubscribed. But I had already convinced my son in law that this is a very good thing indeed. He made me realize that I already know how to selland I know how to write. I hope I can be re-admitted. I have been an RN for over 50 years. I had to sell my patients to their diagnosis and recovery.
Whatever you do, when first out of college, it can take a long time to build up your experience. It can be a long, frustrating climb, but do have patience and try not to get frustrated when you keep hearing that you need experience to get the job. It really, truly is character-building and most of us (whose dad doesn’t own the company!) have to go through it. Best of luck!
Writing Level Distribution Road Trip: The Best Indie Bookstores in America *Need help marketing your business?* The most important truth I’ve learned about books is that they’re a platform to earn income from other projects — related online courses, coaching, and seminars, etc.
May 13, 2018 at 21:16 Image Editor (photoshop) – Freelance Role Mike says Technical Writer Jobs (3,197) May 10 at 1:30 pm
Thank you so much! I am a writer and could use some extra income. God bless you! I am reading your free ebook and I love it! 0 JoAnne Burek: June 2018 Barefoot Writing Challenge Winner
Zeeshan Fiaz says Although writing articles for popular blogs (a.k.a. guest blogging) is still typically unpaid, with most writers trading their content for exposure, numerous exceptions still exist. For some examples, check out Carol Tice’s Make a Living Writing for a comprehensive list of sites that pay for guest articles.
55. Thank You. Here are 14 well-paying positions with a writing-importance level of 81 or higher and a projected growth of at least 2%:
24. ChangeAgent Thanks, this is a great list! @ Obviously the nature and quality of the jobs on offer can vary greatly on websites like these, but those 3 are generally better maintained and of a higher quality than many others. Share is Caring is Sharing 🙂 Grace Schweizer Food Deals These are perfect jobs for writers.
The Barefoot Writer opens the door to the world of paid writing opportunities.
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  1. Hi, As you know, Paypal doesn’t support some countries. Do you know some websites which pay online money with alternative payment methods? If yes, I will be very grateful to send their list to my email address.
    July 28, 2015 at 1:06 am
    Maasboulevard 228
    Job source: Company
    I assumed they would realize they screwed up and take that money back, until:
    Ron says
    Build Better Websites
    68. BirdWatching Daily – $400 per post

  2. Note: A few years after publishing this list, I’ve compiled and published a more recent one that features 46 additional websites that will pay you to write. Check it out by visiting 46 More Websites that Will Pay You to Write
    While primarily a general entertainment website, 5BestThings pays handsomely for technology reviews. They require their writers to “have expert, up-to-date knowledge about the topic and/or products.”
    Thankyou for educating me on this. I have been wasting my time doing just what I should be doing. Now I will take your advice and change my strategy.
    Submit Your Writing
    Payment is done twice monthly through PayPal for work approved by them.
    Customer Support
    Improve Your Writing

  3. First things first. Let me differentiate three terms: freelance blogger, guest blogger, and content marketer. A freelance blogger is someone who is paid for writing blog posts for his clients (can be individuals or companies).
    Thank you so much for this list, and for the succinct summaries too! This is hugely helpful for me.
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    I think this is the ultimate list one can image to start making money with their content writing skills

  4. of your interest
    This magazine is aimed at people interested in the Catholic lifestyle but covers every area of interest from faith to food to travel.

  5. Pay: Up to $50 an article
    We hope that the data we collected from Who Pays Writers can be used to empower you on your journey. Things may not change today or next week but they still can! Your writing has value and it is time for publications to see that. Use it set fair payment when you are just starting out, or to negotiate a better rate in your current situation. This way, we can break this cycle  and make the freelance writing space better for the next generation. Because I know we don’t want to discourage the next Hemingway from picking up a pen.
    This is an Australian site run by the Australian Jesuits, to promote Jesuit spirituality. All kinds of topics are covered, from politics to the environment, and readership extends beyond the Jesuit/Catholic community. They love analysis on politics, religion, or popular culture, and even accept posts on what it is to be human.
    What should I know before I submit a pitch? Due to the high volume of pitches JustParents receive, you should make sure you clearly explain your angle along with a brief outline and concise introduction. It is also important to write in British, not American English and avoid cultural references that would be missed on their audience.
    Sponsorship: An Income Stream That Works For (Almost) Any Blog
    Writing and editing quality SEO content has never been this easy. With Wordapp’s content templates and SEO rule system, writers don’t have to learn technical SEO writing. And editors just have to edit the writing, not SEO compatibility.
    Data & Analytics

  6. Connect with MP
    5.0 out of 5 starsEverything you need to know to get started
    2. What makes for a good magazine journalist?
    I’m glad I saw this article. Also I noticed it’s pinned to a MostlyBlogging board. I love Janice!
    I am hoping to network locally with a non-proffit in the coming weeks and eventually find a content article opportunity that pays decently, desires my talents, and provides a reasonable degree of work or referrals. Perhaps that is what the majority of us want here.
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  7. Whenever I pitched my book to an agent, I was always quick to point out I’d been a reporter for almost two decades. They’d have to take me somewhat seriously because everyone knows journalists can write. Right? If only that were true.
    Legal Research and Writing Jobs for Professor, Smart Student, or a Topic Expert
    Digital Edition
    Posted by Clara , 19 days ago
    home design-oriented Home & Hood. Candidates will work on a freelance basis writing feature stories in the vein of Yellow Scene’… Boulder County readership. If you’re a thorough researcher and writer looking for elegantly designed clips in a magazine circulating…

  8. Recent Posts
    Fiverr Elevate
    “I wrote Elizabeth Taylor’s obit 12 years before it was finally needed,” says Elaine Woo, one of the writers quoted in the piece. And, although writing about death on a daily basis might seem like it’d be a dreadful job, most writers maintain that it’s oddly uplifting.
    Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search
    (561) 278-5557 or (866) 879-2924
    June 15, 2015 at 8:09 am

  9. #8. Brazeen Careerist
    Halfway Through The Year – Halfway To Your Goals, Right..?
    Online Writing Courses
    Help other writers out: If you discover a new culinary magazine searching for writers, alert your foodie friend. Your colleagues will remember and return the favor in the future (and if they’re of the mindset that more for you means less for them, it’s not worth it to maintain the relationship anyway).
    you can make a gig in
    Outlining Your Novel

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