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Am so happy about the blogging stuff but the problem now is i do i get paypal acct cos most of this blogging or writing site needs paypal to get started so is it possible for me to get an acct, coz we all know that Nigeria is from a rare Country that uses paypal. Thanks
Then check out our e-book The Secret Sauce to Freelance Writing on the Side How much you should charge for Paid reviews?
— $15-$25/hour Payment is sent via PayPal immediately after your article is published.
April 16 at 12:13 pm Thanks for the heads up. This is my first venture into writing an article. Can you suggest a site(s) where I can be able to practice and have my “work” assessed?
Evan says: Sites like that tend to have a small handful of users who are genuinely making money, the rest of us are just propping up the site with all our hard work and articles. It’s not the way for a serious writer to go if they want to put bread on the table. Aim high.
Manage your workload on-the-go with modern mobile application Hosting Pack In addition, all participants of the content program are bound by our Terms of Use Job Number: Thanks El. I’ll show you how to navigate Scrivener so you know what you need to use and when you need to use it (forget about what you don’t use so you save time).
Home Improvement SimpleTense Education is the largest provider of content solutions for international clients. With a multitude of world-­class writers, we empower our customers to attain academic success abroad. This is accomplished through the efficient and convenient delivery of premium content while offering unparalleled support to our writers through the task completion process. We seek to connect with individuals committed to clarity and transparency in all phases of communication as they in turn seek to facilitate other people’s understanding of the world around them. (website:
‘Never accept those $10/500 word articles, no matter how hungry you are’ hahahahaha
Copywriters wanted 07 Young Generation 6 days left Content Creation Checklist
Krazy Coupon Lady Other Notes: A List Apart is a site dedicated to “people who make websites.” To work as a freelance writer, you will need to have your own PC, a reliable internet connection, and some time to spare. You will use your PC for writing articles and other pieces as required by clients. With a reliable internet connection, you will be able to communicate with clients, submit completed articles, and conduct research before or during your writing tasks.
$10 / hr DYNAMIC MACHINES SERVICES SDN BHD 2-7 yrs Hyderabad, Mumbai I’m glad to hear that from you Malok, and your friends are very welcome here. Aha, I’m trying to ensure I over deliver to my readers, and I’m glad I am gradually achieving my aim.
Crafted with . Seriously. -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
InTheKnowTraveler is an online publication that is looking for personal travel experience stories. They have an emphasis on positive tourism and cultural appreciation, so if you ‘re looking to share your travels with an uplifting, inspirational tone you’ve found the right site.
Free WordCount Tracking 10 responses on “Make Money Writing Articles ($30-$200+ Per Post) List of 22 Websites That Pay Writers – 2018”
Pay: $40 – $200 per article Sonu Sran Visit our three branches: Ha! You know what, this is a beta course which means this is the first time I’m offering this program. Tech writing is not a well-known career path so I want to make the entry point as accessible and affordable as possible.
You are a continual inspiration to me, you are writing for my exact desires. I’m reading and I think you’re right. Work, discipline, and perseverance are the keys to whatever you want to do. It’s not impossible nowadays to make money online as a beginner.
As the name suggests, this one is geared towards fantasy and science fiction. Search Search this website Close
Pay: $50 per tip // $150 – $300 per article Moving the Dial with Curated Content Dave Jung says Most Hired is another jobs board you might be interested in. veronicah mumbi says
36. The Sun Magazine On WritingCrossing An active blog and an active social media presence (especially Twitter and LinkedIn) is always appreciated. For example, your speciality might be:
Templates Hello Sir , T Harris-Dowdell says: Education How to Make Money Writing Online
These opportunities include reviewing books, reviewing products, and most importantly, having them syndicate one of your blog posts, for which you get $50. It should be noted that when you join the ad network, they have the right to run one your blog posts on their site. That will give you lots of traffic, but not necessarily syndication and money.
Contract work | Or for any other reason Spyre Studios is an authority blog when it comes to web design, and they pay freelance writers $50 for articles accepted, and up to $160 for tutorials.
Knitty raised their rates to $120-$200 for articles about knitting and knitting patterns. They also have a sister site —Knittyspin — for knitters who like to use handspun yarn.
Yeremi Akpan says: Urologists diagnose, treat, and help prevent benign and malignant medical and surgical disorders of the genitourinary system and the renal glands.
Your article is very interesting and helpful to me despite a large amount of writing I’ve done. This includes various business writing tasks I’ve done for my connections in business and social circles. I’ve also been doing a lot of writing and editing to help higher education students in their academic projects. It’s just this time that I’m looking at the enormous earning potential of writing with the full utilization of digital methods as claimed by many successful writers like you. You’ll certainly contribute to my success a freelance writer.
Yes, there are established feature writers who make enough money with this as their sole freelance focus. But the reality for most freelance writers is that you’ll need to take on other writing jobs in addition to feature writing. (Keep reading for the many other types of jobs you may want to check out!)
lumzy -Pay: $100 for fiction, $25 for poetry, $25 for nonfiction Full lifetime access 58. Pay: Adsense/Affiliate Based Pay
$4.99 My compensation was $100 a week, so you just do the math throughout the 2 months duration. I put 2 hours a week aside for this assignment and I must say it was a pretty generous payout. POPSUGAR, a multi-platform content and media company, is looking for part-time, work-from-home writers who specialize in parenting, fitness, beauty and entertainment.
As you’d expect it’s a little more competitive because of this, but if you’ve got ambitions of publication then this is a great avenue to explore.
Where to Eat for 20€ or Less in Madrid April 21, 2015 at 3:03 pm Great post! I have also launched a site wherein I post daily quality freelance jobs, and inhouse jobs. My site is I would be honored if you checked it out!
Dollar Stretcher pays $.10 per word for content related to helping people save time and money. The site’s motto is “living better…for less.” Please note that only content appearing in its print newsletter is eligible for payment. Send pitch to the editor and indicate clearly whether you wish to be paid for your submission, as items appearing on the website will not be compensated.
lotlot says Cycling The Most Dangerous Road In The World [Death Road Bolivia] Adebayo says: -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:

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Thank you for the insightful article. I’m impressed at your willingness to help and give advice to those who request it and that’s why I have decided to seek your help and guidance.
Dave Jung says Yeah. I actually included them because you can submit your content online. Papyrus 20. Listverse See more of Freelance Writing Jobs on Facebook
Thanks so much for adding your voice to the conversation. It’s great to hear from someone else who’s already in the trenches, living the reality of being a paid writer.
I know that typically we talk about guest posting sites or how to guest post but I want to switch it up in this post. If you’re a freelance writer, especially if you’re just starting out, you’re probably constantly facing the hurdle of finding ways to get paid to blog. Getting paid as a writer is hard at first, especially when you don’t know where to find the good jobs or clients.
UpdatesUpdates for current tutorials$25 About AND CO And you are going to teach us how to do this, right Glen? haha sai@dailyblogtools says: Thanks for the share, David! 🙂 Use WSO to sell your skills.
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  1. -Pay: they pay, but it’s not specified how much on their website
    How much do they pay: $50 – $150 per article.
    July 14, 2018 at 2:29 pm
    We’re looking for an awesome writer who can help us with branded & blog content, as well as conversational content (eg. answering Q’s on sites like Quora as a brand ambassador).
    Hi Holly!
    November 17, 2015 at 7:11 pm

  2. 28.
    orus 6 years ago
    38. DotDash
    It may take several days (if not weeks) to get your articles published on a top blog as most of them are flooded with queries and requests. If you didn’t get a reply, say in a week or even in a month, then it probably means that they are either not interested or you didn’t match their expectations (it’s okay to follow-up but at least wait a week or two).
    Let’s turn your perfect dream into an imperfect reality — one where you’re making enough money as a writer to support yourself, and then some…
    39. iWorkWell
    The Motley Fool

  3. Wonderful list you have made Oni.Have to selected some sites from your site to write for.Thanks 🙂
    Max 2MB, doc, docx, rtf, pdf
    3 Reasons Why Your Blog Content Isn’t Gaining Traction
    Crystal clear definitions & explanations;
    Marketing jack-of-all-trades, ascendant wordsmith, and self-proclaimed World’s Best Dog Dad. I write about SEO, social media and content marketing.
    MetroParent is an online parenting community offering expert advice, stories on parenting trends and issues, and numerous ways for parents to enrich their experience raising the next generation.

  4. International Living
    Has this list helped you find a new gig? Have you written for any of these websites before? Let me know in the comment section below!
    Do you hate your 9-5 job and are desperately trying to escape?
    Your article was great. I write articles on animals, history and travel mainly. I made very good money submitting to Bubblews before they went out. I have also submitted to other sites.
    Get Paid to Write Tutorials
    Writing jobs from home
    Writing importance level: 81
    Benicio Benifield says
    Last updated on 24 May, 2018 | 1 comment

  5. Better yet? While some sites charge a monthly fee to access their job listings, all of the resources below are free.
    48. Outkick
    Freelance Moms – They want articles written for mothers who work as freelancers, focusing on actionable tips and in-depth advice. You submit an article for review, and if it is accepted you get paid $75 to $100 dollars via Paypal for your efforts.

  6. Oct 13, 2016 @ 13:54:25
    November 27, 2017 at 10:45 pm
    Warsaw, Poland
    Thank you for the great articles. You did a great job putting them together.
    ♥ Investing in others

  7. Refer a FriendGet a Free Month!
    Name your file appropriately and include your name in the file name. That helps the client keep track of your file. 
    Start your own blogging website today and create your own space on the internet
    Menu Health & Fitness
    September 9, 2015 at 1:54 pm
    Martha says:
    4. Social media content creation
    Over 41 Google AdSense Alternatives You Didn’t Know
    Our quickly growing tutorial base is looking for tech-geeks to share their knowledge in exchange for cash! There is no need to be a professional writer, as long as you know how to explain things clearly and wish to share your technical expertise. Make up to $100 per tutorial, become a published author and a part of our growing community.
    is rapidly expanding and we are looking for experienced freelancewriters for the editorial side of Resy. We are seeking contributors… Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Our writers will contribute meaningful content across intended cities,…
    Adirondack Life Magazine

  8. If you’re a freelance writer, the task of finding quality, well-paying gigs can be a daunting one. Where do you even start? How you can guarantee the jobs you’re looking at are legit instead of scams?
    July 27 at 6:31 pm
    Mabu Map says
    Product Marketing
    First Last
    Menu Music
    4.0 out of 5 starsKeep it simple!
    Moving the Dial with Curated Content | Search Engine Journal

  9. Email address
    October 6, 2015 at 10:21 am
    Pay: Unknown
    If you want to earn money by doing part time work, you can do it just by following these great business ideas.
    Demand Media Studios – Demand Media Studios offers writers an opportunity to create original content that is high quality and rich in keywords. To get hired, you go through an application process successfully and follow guidelines put up the site.
    Now let’s talk about today, here and now. Maybe you’re in college or at a terrible desk job. Or maybe you’re at your dream job, shearing alpacas for a living, but there’s something missing. Or you’re not working at all — you’re between careers, still thinking about chasing those big, larger-than-life hopes you had for yourself that didn’t pan out. Or they did — and you’re still bored. Or hell, maybe you’re 14. As long as you like to write and are looking for something to do, you qualify to have your life changed by the page on the other side of this link.
    Medium is a publishing platform that was created by Evan Williams, the former CEO of Twitter, and officially  launched in 2012.

  10. If your submission is accepted, they’ll pay you.
    Hi Glen, excellent post. I especially appreciate the way you shed light on the behind the scenes aspect of managing the writing career! I have been doing #1, #2 and #5 for some time. I quit my academic career as an anthropologist and started a travel writing blog (the two overlap hugely though it may not be obvious). I had to change my writing style a lot – in a way hide the wordiness of the academic talk to attract a wider audience. But once local business and magazines noticed me, my academic background and my research expertise combined with travel topics are exactly what they are willing to pay for. I’d say it’s not always easy to choose a single path. It’s important to become aware of your own unique skills and then position them inside a niche. 🙂
    6 days ago
    What about making it big as an author? Could that be your best route to a life of freedom as a full-time writer?
    Inspiration posts & articles
     RSS Job Feed 103 Matches   

  11. Get Paid to Write or Edit
    How to Become the Candidate Recruiters Can’t Resist
    December 13, 2015 at 8:53 am
    Magazines are usually created with a specific or niche audience in mind. There are several different types, including:
    -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page:
    Investing in Your Writing Business
    Feature articles: $600-$1250,
    A few years ago, a 16 year old boy with a passion for writing took to the computer; in a cyber café to put his writing skills to use. He never knew what he was doing, neither did he know the potential of what he started. He just wrote for clients for little or no cost because he loves doing it.

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