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July 22, 2014 at 7:34 pm February 20, 2015 at 4:09 pm This is a site for women and women’s issues, and they accept pitches. Pay is unpublished, but you discuss it as part of your pitch. They are very up front in telling would-be authors that they are not interested in poetry about bad breakups, being young & disgruntled, or blood.
Himanshu gaud says: No problem Brendan – keep plugging away! The response rate I got was probably only 10-20% or something – that’s the way it goes. They attract more than 15 million monthly unique visitors online and  more than 100 million video views per month with popular sketches such as “Jake and Amir,” “Very Mary Kate” and “Troopers.”
¿Necesitas mejorar tu productividad de manera urgente? Estos 5 hábitos matutinos que todo freelance debería respetar te ayudan.
Hi Michelle! Looking to hire a freelancer? Nice article, great reviews of the writing services you have tried. I am a fan of Upwork myself (I’m not a fan of their rebrand either), but I will say this about Fiverr, good for rewrites of content, and I am not talking about article spinning.
23 days ago 23d August 13, 2015 at 3:28 pm Hi! I really loved the post! I’m currently working for someone who is paying me 1.5$ per article of 500 words. I spend a lot of time on the articles I write but I don’t get paid enough. It is “apparently” because of where I live.
I am a newbie freelancer and haven’t gotten paid doing any yet. So far I have blogs on, Hubpages (which your payment is based on ads), and Guru but I believe I should not be posting on these sites. I’ve seen some where the writer is being paid pennies for a 500-page article. I believe these clients are ripping us quality writers off and I can see this just by being a new freelancer. When I say, “new”, it isn’t that I haven’t written before, but I haven’t got experience based on having a degree or going to a college. My experience is simply from me naturally writing, as I feel that a writer, I put a little piece of my heart in whatever it is I write. Because I don’t have the whole, “degree” of writing, clients may feel I do not qualify. I assure you I am a true writer and just need the chance. Anyway, can you please advise me. Thank you, so kindly.
Thanks for your good article. It’s very helpful for beginners. You probably already know that you can make money blogging.  You’re going to learn 10 sites that you pay you to blog. Who’s Ghost perfect for? Finding More Freelance Blogging Gigs Thanks so much! Glad you found some sites to get paid for your guest posts!
Talent, Inc. – Read Review – Worldwide. Get paid $20 per project to create resumes for Talent, Inc.’s clients. Formerly known as RezBiz.
pratik says: Speed: Because they work directly for you, you can change course or get something done very quickly. HOW I WORK 184,199 likes
You are welcome 🙂 Don’t burn bridges and remember to keep in touch with editors you’ve worked with in the past. Like any other industry, editorial jobs get shuffled around, and when Jane C. Editor goes to work for a new magazine, you could be on your way to an assignment simply because you’ve already fostered a relationship with her.
Amazon’s marketplace is a great place to find jobs like ecommerce content writing, general articles, or lengthy instructional guides. The Paid to Blog Course
stephen says: Brazen (formerly Brazen Careerist) will pay if you pre-arrange it with their editor. They’re looking for posts about higher ed administration, marketing, networking, and recruiting and HR.

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Maybe your ideal freelance writing client is medical equipment companies. Or, female financial authors. Browse by:  Companies, Jobs, Locations 
Heather van der Hoop says: Hope all is well. 🙂 $16.99 – 38% $10.58 YourTango pays $50 for posts on love, sex, travel, mental health, and just about anything else that affects your relationships.
© 1996-2018,, Inc. or its affiliates Lauren M says Alexa Rank: 20,342 Wrong. Revisit the definition. Reddit… now there’s one I’ve never thought of using. Going to check that out.
Community Blog Pages (not individual blog posts) July 16, 2008 at 11:43 am Some of the popular blogs that pay you for writing
Quinton David RedTrumpet Ready To Publish But, you don’t have to do that. I’ve found 20 ways a beginner can land freelance writing work. And good writing work too! I’ll go through each of them in detail for you today!
6. Network With Other Writers Knitty 3 Ideas to Find Higher Paying Content Writing Jobs I am a first year student at college, and while I’ve always loved writing, I’ve been wondering whether I have the skills to work in freelance writing. I just got out of high school last year, and while I can write essays for school, I don’t know how I would transition to doing freelance writing work, especially since the type of writing required is so different. My main concern is that right now my writing might not be “good” enough. I don’t have any sample content to show clients, aside from academic essays. What tips would you have for starting out?
Payment: $75-$100 and up for select, longer assigned posts on specific topics. It’s always nice to be able to link to your writing that is out there – it lends credibility to your talents/skills.
Media Bistro – While it’s not just for freelancers, the Media Bistro site does offer a search feature for remote work. Or hey, you might find some awesome full time gig writing for a dream brand.
Thank you so much! This is very helpful! Aww thanks so much! It’s okay to launch your freelance writing site without any samples! You can definitely start a blog to help you in a pinch! Hi Morris, check out some of those listed in the post. Also check out Pro Bloggers job listings.
4. Guest Posting I’ll make sure to read your blog post! Glad you enjoyed my biggest post and hope you found some good ways to source jobs. When I first started getting serious, I got my first job the next day after completing some of the tests and giving them what they wanted. It’s led to some long-term gigs. The best part about it is that when I do get rejected, it’s not out of hand anymore – mostly it’s for things like ‘you don’t match my style’ which to me is a lot better than ‘no reasons specified.’ Keep it up!
-Author Page/Byline: Yes, but it’s just a list of posts by the author
Any sites you can recommend off the top of your head for someone starting out as a freelance academic essay writer? Should pay well too.
4. eBay Enterprise (formerly Pepperjam) Aisha, Your blog waits at the click of a mouse button. Maybe your ideal freelance writing client is medical equipment companies. Or, female financial authors.
Family Handyman – $100 Amir Sohail You’re welcome and thanks so much 🙂
100. Starting Business Rachel says: Toll-free for US and Canada 1(800) 506-6304
2. Sell ads on your blog * All Freelance Writing’s owner or representatives reserve the right to reject any freelance writing job ad for any reason. While this site does not place specific pay limits on gigs posted, we may delete job ads from companies the owner refuses to support (such as content mills, essay writing firms, or any client demanding writers submit custom unpaid samples to be considered for a freelance writing gig). Job postings dealing with hate, gambling, payday loans, drugs, alcohol, erotic content, or anything else deemed inappropriate for this site may also be rejected on a case-by-case basis.
February 26 at 7:31 am While I have tried my best to maintain accuracy of this blog post by reviewing each website personally before adding it to the list, I’d expect you to check the “Guidelines” for successfully pitching these blogs.
Are you looking for article writing websites so you can start earning money online? Freelance article writing gives you the opportunity to work from home. Jobs, where article writers can be earning money, are listed every day.
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