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August 13, 2016 at 8:42 am kechukwu says Timely delivery: If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can get a lot of content very quickly.
Recreation $403 Nathan says 5. Teach or Coach @ LS: Read More
www.pharmadiversityjobboard.com Posted at 01:20h, 28 April Reply The good thing about most of the sites listed below is that they also allow you to include a bio with a link back to your website. You can easily use this opportunity to link back to a hire me page on your blog, and as a result get a lot of clients willing to pay you for your work. In other words, by writing for most of the blogs on this list you are being paid to market yourself.
What does this mean? With the change from a per word fee to a per post fee, bloggers have to work longer and harder to make any money on content generation alone.
Here are two that I’d recommend you get started with: Elna Cain is one of those freelancers who I’ve looked up to since the beginning of my career.
I absolutely LOVE this article! Your blog posts have been so helpful for me Elna! I’m a new blogger and trying to land some freelance writing gigs, so this was extremely helpful.

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0% of jobs $330,500 – $365,999 MNB Achari says: Wix made it easier for me to create my own blog plus it’s very convenient use. Hey Jace!
Admin May 26, 2017 at 4:32 am | Permalink Jquery 3 501 to 1000 employees What is your self-worth (hourly rate)?
Don’t worry, you won’t need to go through a lot of trial and error to find writing websites that pay well. The following list will guide you towards reliable, safe, and profitable sites that will stock you up with jobs for whenever you need them.
August 19, 2017 at 5:08 am -Photography: write about both photography and Photoshop tutorials. More info: http://photography.tutsplus.com
They’re only interested in Arizona-based bloggers and stay-at-home moms who have a unique and local angle to their story.
This way, you can direct clients to your condensed portfolio with works from your own blog, in addition to your other published articles across the web.
-Photography: write about both photography and Photoshop tutorials. More info: http://photography.tutsplus.com » Blog
Location Hi Elna, thank you so much for your helpful post, made my search a lot easier! I’ve been searching for a freelance job lately because I like writing and I have some spare time to do this. The above ways are quite useful and I will try them in no time. Do you have a subscribe button? I love your blog and would enjoy following you.
Hello Kelly, This is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazine out of Australia. It’s a print magazine sold around the world through Amazon as well as their website.
Tasleem says October 25, 2016 at 9:43 am Skype address – some clients want to talk to you face-to-face, and Skype is a tool most know about. New York City, New York (US)
When I received my first payment from a client — $121.50 — I couldn’t quite believe the opportunity I had stumbled across. I couldn’t believe that a modest talent I had all but ignored for the whole of my adult life could be leveraged to make money.
I might also throw out a question to see if there are entrepreneurs that need help and are overworked.
Niche: Web design/Freelancing 37 Blog Post Ideas for New Freelance Writers Khanyi Molomo says Telecommunications
November 21, 2017 at 8:07 am October 7 at 4:36 pm September 21, 2014 at 7:06 am Jan Christian says:
70+ Publications that Pay $1 a Word – A nice list of publications and sites that offer good rates.
Article Rewriting Article Writing Content Writing Ghostwriting Research Writing Page Flip: Enabled -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page: http://www.elitepersonalfinance.com/write-for-us/
Thanks so much! Crossing my fingers you get a gig!!!! September 10, 2017 at 1:49 pm
Hello, Thanks for the tweet Joe, you rock! ​Ghost is both a self-hosted and a hosted blogging platform and might be for you since it was explicitly designed to make blogging simpler. This does mean that it lacks the CMS perks that many other tools have, but it’s easy to download the software, deploy it to your own server and get running.
Freelance Marketplace I recommend using WordPress to build your blog. It automates everything for you – date and timestamps, archives, etc.
It depends. Do you want to set up a business? Or are you just looking for a little extra side cash?
ZipCares Testimonials Feed Description: Write about anything you’re a particularly qualified expert with regard to. Great way to get paid to blog. Just be sure you screen for quality.  Ask for a writing sample.  Also once you have a shortlist of applicants, assign one to two articles to each, offer to pay the rate you promise and then assess the applicants on the work they provide you.
Mike Omar Additional menu Glad you found it helpful, Sherman! Newsletter Please enter your comment!
Wonderful article, Satrap. Thanks for providing us a chance of making some decent money online.
Content Editor$56K Graham Watts says Thanks You’ Am Freelancer- but Right now am Gonna, Get More Idea to get Freelancer Journalist ,
If you’re looking for more ideas, these articles will give you a great place to start your WAH job search:
– Everything else. The Sun is an independent, ad-free monthly magazine that for more than thirty years has used words and photographs to invoke the splendor and heartache of being human.
Suzanne says: $40,000 Top Companies for freelance writer:  Freelancing
AutoStraddle – $40 – $100 Some facts on blogs that make money August 14, 2015 at 5:08 am
10 Blogging Years. 10 Blogging Lessons. 10 Blogging Tips. July 16, 2015 at 3:21 pm 82. Pure Content • Additional revenue streams
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  1. For what it’s worth, you already write better English than some native speakers. If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, keep working hard on your written English – read lots, write lots and try to get feedback from solid writers.
    Another problem is, content agencies or clients on freelance sites do not pay much. Even if you meet their criteria you may not earn more than $10-$15 per 500 words (unless you are a native English speaker).
    August 20, 2014 at 3:30 pm

  2. Wants to work with u waiting for u reply thanks
    Glad you enjoyed the list, Cori. Love that, happy small Friday! Same to you!
    Thank you again for the great articles! All the information makes it much easier to really make a effective start and far less daunting.
    I’m not going to say any more on the subject.
    New York, NY 10001
    Huge List of 93 Android and iPhone Apps That Really Pay You Money!
    Thanks for the kind words and sharing the chart. We’re working hard every day to bring value to the bloggers community.

  3. I have one question though, when you find jobs on LinkedIn, they are mostly for long term projects, as in, they make you a part of their content team, even if you work from home. Apart from job boards, how can I find short term or one time projects that will both add to my resume and build my confidence?
    304 words
    If “consultant” doesn’t feel like the right title for you, you can consider becoming a coach instead.
    *** I do have a quick question though, as a mom of 2 girls, 2y/o & newborn, I know I can write a blog for a few of these blogs! How exactly do you get in touch with the bloggers to send your work? (Probably a dumb question, but remember, I’m a SUPER newbie! Lol)
    I must say that this was perhaps the most useful article for freelance beginners. I already visited and applied several of your tips.
    1. When you say a free domain name , does that mean if I want to keep the name of my blog young millionaire then can I get young millionaire.com if that’s available.
    Brainstorm your weekly “must do” tasks for the week
    Thank you for the post! I’m a bit overwhelmed at the wealth of content I am about to scour on your site. Hours of learning, here I come! I received my first two clients a month ago (one from my dad who is a web developer and the other upon referral from my first client). I am serious about gaining more clients and setting out as a full-time writer, but the process of finding new clients has always intimidated me. I am excited to apply your advice. Congratulations, you just won a new “stalker.” 😉

  4. In short, every single aspect needs to improve. Constantly.
    http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2011/10/14/fast-50-2011-fastest-growing.html (Fast 50: must click on slide show for individual results. Links to less than $10M and more than $10M)
    International Living
    WordPress.com: Expert Review, Pricing, Ratings, Pros & Cons!
    If you’re lucky, you can find decent writers.  It won’t be the best writing in the world, but if you have simple writing assignments, you can find people there who will do the job for much less than native English writers, including article writing services.
    Mary Haight

  5. The Problem With Freelance Writing Online
    -Apply/Pitch/Submit Page: http://www.beeculture.com/write-us/
    Need Native and Fluent English Writer for 30 Website Posts a month, every month. We determine the topics or you can suggest the topics. Need to see samples of your work.
    Topics: Web Design & Development
    Finally, anyone interested MUST follow my writer guidelines:
    Teresa says
    Location Rebel
    If you are a competent writer then you can quickly learn how to become an excellent blogger.
    After a few years, I realized spending hours each week combing through mass job ads was not the best way to find good-paying clients. But along the way to that insight, I got my job-ad process down to an art form.

  6. 1 star
    Hi, Great Cover Article. People should follow your tips to make money. Passive Money Ideas to submit Article on Making Money Online.
    marmelade says
    Earn Everything… nearly!

  7. Alma says:
    LinkedIn Jobs – Don’t forget there’s a job feature to LinkedIn, most are full-time, and some are remote. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pitch yourself either.
    Like many article writing agencies, they offer various article qualities from 2 to 6 stars.  The cost is based per word.

  8. I’ll have to disagree with you on staying away from “outsourcing platforms”, because unless you’re a seasoned writer, you shouldn’t be starting anywhere else. At least for the sake of getting good at your craft before pitching to high-paying clients.
    Trending in Make Money
    Social Commerce
    I relate so much to what Jennifer said! Sometimes you’re so crippled with fear and anxiety that you can’t even start writing! Anyway, thanks for the great review of the platforms! It’s a piece of advice that I needed so bad.
    15. Pitch to Sites That Pay Writers
    pS. I’ve read WordPress is to complicated for a beginner wanting to concentrate on content?)
    Content Writing Education & Tutoring Medical Medical Writing Research Writing
    How To Earn Money As A Writer
    March 1, 2014 at 8:08 pm
    Every entrepreneur is different and unique, as is each one of their businesses and the respective challenges they tackle. That said, with all the nuances of each entrepreneur’s goals, styles and needs, here are the top four truths that I’ve observed as universal to the entrepreneurial experience

  9. February 14, 2017 at 3:26 pm
    Check out some of the big websites in your niche and see if any of them accept paid guest posts. You can also look for big websites that are related to your niche, or are also of interest to your audience even if they aren’t directly related to your blog topic. Guest posts aren’t always paid, but you can certainly find good opportunities with a little bit of digging. Here is a list of sites that pay $50 or more for accepted guest contributions.
    Devilish about web development? SitePoint pays $100-$150 for articles on HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and more.
    You’re welcome, Brittany!
    Find a VA
    Dana says:
    Free Blog Hosting vs. Paid Blog Hosting
    hello at makeawebsitehub dot com
    Hi everyone I am interested in writing creative Ghost writing/Scripts and screen writing. I have been writing since about 11 years old and I am also now into poetry as well.

  10. Catherine (I thought you fixed your Gravatar?)
    I wanted the article writing job to earn money and please help me how to submit the article.
    wonderful post, you dont delay in awesome posts Oni which is a great virtue for a blogger. Thanks pal.
    Food Deals
    August 20, 2016 at 8:26 pm
    Updated May 11, 2018
    This platform is a hotbed of social journalism, so it plays a crucial role in helping you grow your authority. Like Twitter’s Tweets, readers can recommend and share your posts. Since content gets sorted by topics instead of according to authors, you may also profit from more organic discovery by audiences.
    of songs Amazon Drive

  11. 5) Church and Christian Job Search
    Thanks again.
    6. Ghost
    I have been trying to get clients for a month now but not a single one.Iv been sending samples but no response.Am very creative, relevant and good in both spoken and written grammar.Am a house wife and have all the time to deliver any article whenever required. Please advice.
    6. Earn Money Online by Flipping Websites
    lorraine Fleet says:
    HubPages?!?! Are you joking? In the years that I was with them they did nothing but promote their favourite writers – nearly always members of their own staff – ahead of others. They constantly change the rules regarding submissions, earnings and payouts. If you do not get the right number of reads, you are history.

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