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Thanks for the wonderfully calm, considerate, and cogent look at pricing copy. As one of my Chicago mentors put it, “Monday, write down what you think you’re worth. Tuesday — double it.”
You can’t just write blog posts and expect to start cashing in big affiliate checks! You need people find and read your blog – and not just any people… people who are eager to find help, advice, and resources. You’ve got to get your posts in front of as many of these people as you can.
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Note: When GloHoliday contacted me to include their website on the previous version of this list, I forwarded their website to my sister without notifying them and she contributed one article. And yes, she got paid!
Read this post: Average Base Pay JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST & receive your printable CUSTOMER AWARENESS SPECTRUM worksheet.
This information was on the website. RiseSmart #15. The Change Agent
Customer Experience Halifax Media Co-op is looking for writers who wish to focus on stories dealing with Nova Scotia or Atlantic Canada. Contributor guidelines are posted on the website. Pitches are accepted at any time; there are no deadlines. Rates range from $75.00-$125.00.
CavanKerry Press, Ltd They would prefer articles written with an American audience in mind (that means American spelling) with original and relevant photography.
EMAIL Arrivedo – Travel Now, it’s not 100% required to get a website but frankly, it just makes things easier. Plus, it’s always a good idea to own your name as a URL (or as close to your name as you can get).
It’s certainly not the most interesting of writing, but for now, it’s still a way for companies and brands to get their content and keywords ranked. A lot of people send one email, hear nothing back and move on.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RankPay On my mark to Facebookland and Twitter City to share this gospel of making a living as a writer! Millburn, New Jersey
Non-Phone Jobs Find the best creative writing and screenwriting software!
This is a great list! Ultius.com is another good resource. Employer profiles -Pay: $75 – $150 for 400 – 600+ words
-Pay: $50, and $75- $100 for longer, assigned posts OneSpace offers micro jobs in general writing as well as detailed writing assignments to freelancers. Writers must pass a series of assessments and build a credibility score to access each type of work. The work is submitted, the writer receives feedback, and payment is made to PayPal the next day after work is approved.
Writing Horror Accessibility Help Well a request, can you please post some links for earning by writing articles in field of computer security? Many companies need writers who are highly skilled in researching and writing digital content like blogs, articles, and landing pages. You might be required to conduct online research or interview subject matter experts to gather information. Having some knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques is essential; it also helps to be familiar with HTML and CSS.
HowlRound The above Google search query finds web pages whose title has the phrase “Write for Us” in it. Only the above highlighted fields are essential. You can also do this query directly on Google search by using the search operator: allintitle.
23. Personal Assistant Writing Career – If you’re looking for more work for your creative side with poetry and fiction writing, check out this sister site to Brian’s writing jobs site.
Real talk on every professional topic we could think of.
Pay:$150 for a 700-2000 word post Hi Elna, I just bumped into this post when I was just beginning to give up because finding freelance writing tasks that pay well has been the hardest task. I have been stuck with content mills for the longest time (I started freelance writing sometime in 2011), I have written tonnes of articles for very little pay usually $7 for 500 words. I look forward to revitalizing my writing career with ideas you shared. I’m taking up the challenge to find better paying gigs.
Understand the house rules Green Light Articles – Worldwide. Green Light Articles accepts writers who have strong grammar and a good grasp on the English Language. All articles are to be written in English and therefore you need to be very strong grammatically in English.
Karshim Kanwar says: #2. VirtualVocations.com Job Board Go Freelance If you’re logging hours at a day job you don’t love, only to go home and plug away at a project you do, you’re not alone; the very-real financial confines of life as a writer have kept plenty of people whose names you know working for someone else while they wrote their novels by night.
8th August 2018 at 7:08 am She was a talented science-fiction writer and awarded the MacArthur Fellowship — but before her success as a writer, Octavia Butler worked as a potato chip inspector. She also worked as a dishwasher and a telemarketer, using these day jobs to support her writing. And they really were day jobs, because Butler would get up at 2 a.m. to do her writing before going in to work! Amazing.

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You’re welcome. So happy you found the confidence to find your first freelance writing job! Stewart WITH THEM. There are good internet businesses out there, but certainly NOT Real Writing Job.com.
About David Leonhardt Keep up the great work! This is a very popular topic right now: survival and self-reliant living. If you can write about building your own home, country skills, crafts or any other old-fashioned types of topic, try this magazine.
I’ve got a little somethin’ for ya. It’s my brand new course: I read 10-20 books per year, write almost every day, but I am having trouble knowing what the next steps are to building my credentials, especially without a degree, prior payed experience, or a high volume of readers to my blog. I really just want one simple freelance gig, but I can’t seem to land one. I feel like I’m on a raft in the middle of the ocean!
Thanks for sharing such an informative blog with us. Web content manager
So, I usually end up telling them to look for the “mills” that churn out copy for paying clients, but only pay writers something like 3 to 6 cents a word. Rosy
One of my biggest concerns was finding legitimate jobs, and your advice has really given me the courage to go the extra step.
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    12 thoughts on “Freelance Writing Jobs: Top 10 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Write”
    Angel has over 800,000 companies to look from. You can click under “Market” to see if your niche topic is represented:
    It might seem strange to have a post about what to look for in a day job on a publishing advice blog. After all, often the dream is to write full time. Day jobs are just a distraction, right?
    Freelance Blogging: How to Get Paid $200-400+ Per Post
    Thanks also for sharing this list. It’s great to see so many opportunities to earn $100 or more!

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    If you love writing, Pepperfeed wants you!
    Note: this post has been updated as of April 2018 for accuracy.
    Good for you, Kevin!

  3. Payment Method: Paypal/Moneybookers
    This is the bare minimum I would pay for a blog post or article, personally.
    Don’t fall for the hype. Stick to what you know: build your network, promote yourself. Don’t let these guys fool you into believing that they have anything worth a nickel.
    96. Glimmer Train
    When you scroll to the bottom of the Real Writing Jobs sales page, you are asked to pay $68 for writing jobs with “top employers” that “many people do not even know about.”
    Bartender or restaurant server—You can make extra money from tips and meet lots of colorful characters who might inspire your writing.
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    My own writing is consumed with writing my blog, some unpaid guest posting and writing my own training info courses which are, really, far more video than text.
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    If you’re a new writer, you may have already learned how difficult it is to get a writing job unless you’ve already been published. Read Need Writing Experience? How to Get Clips and Get Published for help.
    Next, you’ll need to click Update to save the changes to your post. Note: Finalize everything in your post before you click Update. That’s because once updated, any further edits you make in WordPress won’t show up on Medium.
    Thanks so much for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the post and found some great ideas!
    Thanks for a very informative post Elna. I had no idea it was possible to find writing gigs via Reddit or Twitter.

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